Signature campaign for restart Buono!

The special pop song unit by three of Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo, Buono!
At the end of the concert two years ago , the activity ‘s dormant .
There are not a few voices of the fans look forward to the restart of them.


The other day, there is a rumor Suzuki Airi of ℃-ute said to a fan “If you want a revival of Buono! , signature campaign might be effective” in handshake meeting.

The campaign began by using the net service from yesterday.

The original program of this web service was created in order to encourage to make the Google services that aggregate information protection of animals affected areas.

For this campaign, there are also criticisms that “Is there any meaning in the signature activities you can do with only the entry of the name and e-mail address”.

But causing some actions would be better than do nothing.

The signature have gathered over 330 from Japan and abroad. (2014/05/134 04:00 GMT+9 current)

The latest Single “Hatsukoi Cider”

Berryz-kobo won Hello! Project web photobook competition

The all groups of Hello Project held the competition of their self-produced photo books. ( sponsored by au mobile phone company.)
Each groups made a web photo book in accordance with the concept of “~ ~ women”, and their live stage photos.
Berryz Kobo won the vote from the fans.
Winning prize is the MC of popular radio program “All Night Nippon”.

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Morning Musume. new song MV “Wagamama Kinomama Ai No Joke” has published!!!

The long-awaited Morning Musume’s Official MV of two new songs of the “Wagamama Kinomama Ai No Joke”(Selfish,easy going,Jokes of love)/ “Ai No Gundan” (GUNDAN of the love)” was published.

the dance version of “GUNDAN of the love” has been already published, but the MV was published for the first time.

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MV of the special units from Morning Musume., Berryz Kobo & C-ute has arrived! “Merrow quad” and “Hi-Fin”

Three units was born from SATOUMI Movement of UFP is involved in this summer.
The song of “Dialady” as one of them has been already published last week.

The special unit of Risako & Airi “Dialady” MV released! | Colorful H!P

The remaining two units of MV was published in this week.

“Eiyasa! My Big Brother” of Merrow quad, “Beach cleaning boy” of HI-FIN are the songs.

“Eiyasa! My Big Brother “is an experimental sound that mixture of reggaeton and japanese fisherman’s song.

“Beach cleaning boy” is a tune with a nostalgic atmosphere like The Ventures or pop song of Japan in the 1970s. Melody of the climax chorus is catchy and impressive.

I feel it is interesting because these kind of songs are not seen much in contemporary hit charts.
Which one is your most favorite song among the three songs?

“Eiyasa! My Big Brother” Merrow quad

Natsuyaki Miyabi & Tokunaga Chinami(Berryz Kobo)
Yajima Maimi & Okai Chisato(C-ute)

“Beach cleaning boy” HI-FIN

Ishida Ayumi & Ikuta Erina (Morning Musume。)
Nakajima Saki & Hagiwara Mai (C-ute)
Fukuda Kanon (S/mileage)

Sato Masaki (Morning Musume) & Miyamoto Karin (Juice=Juice) formed a special unit “JURIN”

Sato Masaki from Morning Musume, Miyamoto Karin from JUICE=JUICE formed a special unit as a part of SATOYAMA movement.

The unit name “Jurin” is derived from their each of one Kanji character.
“Ju” means a wood. Used in “ki” of Masaki.
“Rin” means wood. Used in “rin” of Karin.
It is very conceptual naming of a unit.

Sato Masaki, Miyamoto Karin

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